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Now we are in that strange no-man’s land of time – between Christmas and New Year – it is a good time to show (pictorially) how the ancient Egyptians celebrated the important occasions in life.  Reliefs on tomb walls show us the ancient Egyptian capability for ‘having a good time’.  Part Two in 2014 will examine the information in greater detail.

The essential ingredients for a celebratory party were:

1.  GOOD  MUSIC and bring on the dancing girls!!!


A scene from the Tomb of Nebamun, part of an excellent display at the British Museum, London

2.  GOOD  FOOD: tables laden high with bread, meat and fruit


An offering table showing the large range of food and drink potentially available to the higher ranks of ancient Egyptian society

3.  GOOD  DRINK served in decorated bowls


A scene from the Tomb of Nebamun (in the British Museum). Scantily clad servants served potent drinks to wealthy guests at the celebrations

but, in ancient times, as in modern – there can be too much of a good thing!!!!!


Drawing from a tomb relief showing the consequences of excessive alcohol consumption – nothing new there then!!!

HAPPY  NEW  YEAR  2014  TO   EVERYBODY  (let’s be careful out there!!!)

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